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Homeschool Winter Nature Crafts

Including a few winter nature crafts in your homeschool always amps up the fun factor! It’s a great way to get some time outdoors and chase away the ill tempers and you can never go wrong with a bit of fresh air! It’s good for the mind, body, and soul.

Winter Nature Crafts for your homeschool

Studies have shown that time spent out in nature or immersed in a handcraft/hobby has infinite mental and physical health benefits. I often find that if we have been cooped up in the house for too long tempers flair and the atmosphere in the home rapidly descends into virtual anarchy.

When this happens it’s time to wrap up warm and get outdoors – no matter what the weather is doing!

Winter Nature Crafts for your homeschool

Nature study has always been a key ingredient in our homeschool and my girls love crafting. Crafting according to the seasons and our learning means we get to have fun and get some hands-on learning at the same time.

8 Winter Nature Crafts For Your Homeschool

  • Make Ice Art – gather materials on your nature walk, arrange them in a shallow dish, pop in a piece of twine for hanging then fill with water and put in your deep freeze. hang outside and note the outdoor temperature and how long it takes for your ice art to melt.
  • Make Bird Seed Feeder Ornaments – You can make some fun shapes or make a pinecone bird feeder from cones gathered on a walk.
  • Make Ice lanterns – Make as many as your freezer will hold then place them outside in view of a window and light tea lights to light up the long dark nights.
Winter Nature Crafts for your homeschool
  • Make a wreath for your front door with gathered greenery from your nature walk.
  • Make Snow Candy – In Little House on the Prairie, Pa and Ma showed Mary and Laura how to make snow candy. Read my post on our own snow day activities including making snow candy in our homeschool
Winter Nature Crafts for your homeschool
  • Make some colourful window stars for your homeschool room. Read my post for links to tutorials.
  • Spend the afternoon stringing up a food garland for the birds. They will be sure to love this smorgasboard on a cold frozen day!
  • Nature Clay Ornaments -Go on a nature walk and collect seed heads, twigs, cones…whatever grabs your attention. Back home roll out some white clay and cut it into shapes using a cookie cutter. Gently press your seeds, twigs, and finds into the clay to make an impression. Cut out a small hole to string twine through once they are baked.
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I hope some of these ideas provide a springboard for you to include nature crafting into your nature studies over the winter with your little ones.

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