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Themes and Plans for October

October – this is when I think the season of autumn is best appreciated! Deciduous tress are ablaze and leaves are gently falling to the ground. Thoughts of winter are still a month away and there is so much to celebrate! Last year, our October had some pretty amazing days! So although today the winds are blowing and the sky is heavy with grey clouds, threatening rain, I am hopeful of a few more gentle warm days before winter sets in!

With so much going on and so many reasons to mark this month in some special way, I always like to put a few plans to paper and make sure that my various print-outs, recipes etc are in their appropriate weekly folder so that these little celebrations are not forgotten. Here are some of my plans for this lovely breezy colourful month.

Folk law

Traditional Rhyme: Rain in October means wind in December

Gemstone: Opal or tourmaline

Flower: Marigold/Calendula

Full Moon: Hunters Moon (18th)


Apple picking!

Autumn mists

Cooler Temperatures

Windy weather

First Frosts

Fly Agaric (those cute little red and white mushrooms) and
other Fungi flourishing

Shrubs and Trees heavy with autumn berries

Butterfly numbers declining

Sloes ripening


Rake up leaves

Create insect hotels and hedgehog hideouts

Empty out last of the flowering annuals

Dig over beds

Harvest pumpkins

Wrap up and cover up frost sensitive plants


Canning and preserving the last of the harvest (loads of tomatoes
in our case)

Stock up on a few more blankets and hot water bottles

Pantry list – stock up on winter staples

Winter PJ’s for all and warm jumpers/jersey’s

British Summer Times Ends – put clocks back 1 hour on Sat 26th


Pumpkin – soup, baking, endless options as per Pinterest

Apples – ditto


St Francis of Assisi – 4th

Old Michaelmas Day – 10th

St Luke – 18th


Apple Day Celebrations this month

Our Churches Harvest Fest – 6th

Sir Walter Raleigh Beheaded – 29th – Great learning

Arts & Crafts

Autumn Leaf Suncatcher

Leaf Wreath

Leaf Lanterns

Painted Autumn Leaves

Natural Room Scents

Bees Wax Leaves

I have loads of recipe ideas for pumpkins and apples and am eager to try them out – you can check them out on my Pinterest Board.

And so concludes my plans :o)

Have a super week-end and I will see you back here soon.

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    What a delightful blog! I am glad I found you through the DEEP ROOTS AT HOME link up 🙂 I look forward to reading more… Have a lovely day, JES 🙂

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    Thank you Jes – your kind comment has made my day lovely? 😉

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