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The Seasonal Home – February

I have always had a passion for seasonal living. The gentle art of observing the years seasons, gardens, celebrations, liturgical rhythms and cultural traditions brings about a sense of belonging, grounding and stability in my heart. I thought it would be nice to share my monthly seasonal home plans. I hope that they will be a springboard for you to create some seasonal traditions in your own homes.

The Seasonal Home - February

The Seasonal Home in February

In an ideal world I would have had this post up on the 1st of February, but even the best-laid plans can be scuppered by the happenings of life! So although I am slightly late in posting my seasonal home plans for February, it is only the 4th of the month and the only thing missed so far is Candlemas. There is still a month of celebrations to be had!


  • Gemstone: Amethyst
  • Flower: Primrose or violet
  • February takes it’s name from the Latin februa, a feast of expiation and purification held at this time in ancient Rome. {Chambers Book of Days)
  • Full Snow Moon ~ 16 February 2022

Traditional Rhyme

If Candlemas Day be dry and fair,

The half o’ winter’s to come and mair;

If Candlemas Day be wet and foul

The half’ winter’s gane at Yule.

The Seasonal Home - February

Faith:: Celebrating the Liturgical Year

  • 2nd – Candlemas – Purification of the Blessed Virgin and the Presentation of the Lord
  • 14th – St Valentines Day
  • 6th – Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne in 1952
  • 7th – Charles Dickens born in  1812 & Laura Ingalls Wilder born (1867)
  • 11th – Sir Francis Drake became the first Englishman to sail the Pacific 1578
  • 19th – The Women’s Institute came into existence – this is quintessentially British!


  • The shortest month of the year
  • Turbulent weather
  • Snowdrops
  • Hungry Birds – keep those feeders well stocked!
  • More sunlight
  • buds on shrubs, catkins out in milder weather
  • Frost and wintry showers
  • Bare branches
  • icy walkways and roads – be careful!
  • Primroses bloom beautifully
  • Full moon on the 15th
The Seasonal Home - February

Garden and Home

  • Tidy up the garden shed
  • order seeds
  • sharpen garden tools, maintenance etc
  • Clean windows and let the sunshine sparkle through the clear glass
  • Bring in some Forsythia to force – lots of buds now!
  • Add some Valentine decor for fun
  • Spring Clean – put together a spring cleaning schedule and get a head start
  • Forward planning for next season ~ spring! Yipeee!!!
  • Party Planning for a 22nd birthday party!
The Seasonal Home - February


  • Half-Term break 17 – 21 Feb
  • Go over lesson plans for the next school term
  • Refresh ‘Morning Basket’ schedule for next half term
  • Start putting together a spring booklist
The Seasonal Home - February

Art’s and Crafts

My Favourtie Seasonal Planning Books

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