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Homeschool nature study books on a bookshelf
Homeschooling Nature Study

How I Plan Our Homeschool Nature Study Lessons

We have used the Homeschool Nature Study Lessons and the Handbook of Nature Study in our homeschool for many years. As a homeschool mom, I appreciate the fact that it’s an easy way to include weekly nature study without it becoming an overwhelming task. Following the retirement of the founding author of the Outdoor Hour …

Charlotte Mason Homeschooling

Charlotte Mason A Morning Basket of Living Books

Ever wondered what a Morning Basket of Living Books is? Charlotte Mason advocated living books. They are books that are not dumbed down to as to be condescending to the child. Those types of books would be deemed as ‘twaddle’ by Charlotte Mason and have no place on the child’s bookshelf. For most of our …

Nature Study

How To Get Started With Nature Study in Your Homeschool

I have been pondering on some of the many aspects of our homeschool learning that we have enjoyed over the years. Nature Study has always played quite an important part in our learning home and has been instrumental in leading my eldest daughter into her chosen career field. As many established readers will know she …