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American SAT Homeschool Helps Homeschooling

Homeschooling Highschool – Developing a Plan and Setting a Course

Homeschooling highschool children in the UK was a choice not many make and taking the American SAT path while maintaining our Charlotte Mason ethos rather than the UK’s A-Level program most certainly put us on a road that very few UK home educators had travelled. However, we stuck with what suited our children most and …

Homeschool Helps Homeschooling

The Overwhelmed Homeschool Mother

Choosing to homeschool our children was the best decision we have ever made. It has been a journey of excitement  lots of joyful memories and experiences, discovery, bonding, learning and growing. It has also been a journey peppered with learning and character challenges, exhaustion, tears and doubt. This comes with the territory and anyone who tries …

Dicipleship for Parents Faith

6 Ways to Walk Mindfully With Jesus Throughout Your Day

Each morning I wake up with the best intentions to get through the day being the mother that I dream of being. That mother is gracious and serene. She does not get flustered, terribly annoyed or yell at her children. She deals with the day’s challenges with quiet confidence and kindness is the rule upon …