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September’s Seasonal Plans

This week we have returned to our ‘normal’ routine – and so far it’s feeling great! Well it is for me at least. 

I’m sitting in the school room typing up this post while DD2 works on her lessons – well she’s TRYING to work on her lessons. We have a little saboteur…

It really is uncanny how the minute we sit down to work this cat is all over us.

She’s not even happy to just be with us – nooooo, she likes to swish her tail over DD’s books, or swat at her pen while she is writing. Cheeky monkey!

While DD works at her lessons I’m finishing off some seasonal plans for this month. I know that it’s the 9th already but better late than never. We still have 2/3 of the month left 🙂  

In my seasonal and liturgical planning I always grab a copy of my past plans (here and here ), my collection of Landlove Magazine and my copy of Chambers Book Of Days and of course my pinterest boards. So, here we go…

Days to Celebrate

*14th – Holy Cross (rood) Day

*21 – St. Matthew

*29th – Michaelmas 

(make sure you have picked all your blackberries by this date.Legend has it that after Michaelmas the devil puts his foot on the blackberries and thereafter are no good to eat 🙂 )


*16th- Full Harvest Moon

*Blackberry Picking (make apple and blackberry jam)

*22nd- Autumn Equinox – Decorate the house

*Shorter Days/Longer Nights – break out those candles and blankets


*Harvest – Make some ‘harvest’ bread

 (our harvest festival at church falls in the first week of October this year. It’s such a lovely festival, one that I always look forward to.)


*Uproot any old plants that are finished producing veg

*Dig over veggie beds

*Rake leaves

*Ready bird feeder for winter (clean, buy seed etc)

*Net pond


*Wash curtains so that they are fresh for the winter

*Clean windows

*Stock up on candles for the winter

*make a winter clothing list for each family member

*get coats and winter woollies out. Launder

So not a terribly long list as you can see, but enough to keep us busy and mark the days of this month 🙂

Wishing you all a lovely weekend…

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  1. Penny says:

    We have a cat like this too – we say "time for school" and he trots in after us. 🙂 Pets are the best!

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