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Today I am joining Rhoda at ‘Living to Please God‘ for UK Fellowship Friday

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It’s been YEARS since I have been able to join a mums Bible study and receive the abundant blessings that come from belonging to such a group. I remember with fondness when my girls were small, the great sense of peace, joy, encouragement and spiritual growth I received from the mums group I attended. You become like a family, supporting one another in the ups and downs of life. All striving after the same goal, to seek God on His will for our lives as mothers, wives and woman. You pray together, laugh together, share together and sometimes cry together. Hmmmm, yes, I do miss the fellowship of such a special group.

I have come to realise that life is full of seasons. Right now, my season is at home teaching my children and the discipleship of their hearts so that in season, their lives will bare good fruit. I have realised in recent months however, that, although I cannot take the time out of my day/week to leave the home and attend a woman’s Bible Study group, I do need to take the time out of each day to spend with God in a meaningful and purposeful way.

 Of course each morning I open the Word and read, then spend a little time in prayer, but somehow I felt that I had reached a spiritual stalemate. That I was no longer experiencing that Spiritual growth, that feeling of knowing that God is walking with me in my daily living. Most often I feel that ‘busyness’ and my ‘To Do’ list walks along with me each day, applying pressure not peace.

I know that God has a standing invitation extended to me. An invite to draw close and receive the full measure of His love. He has the bread of life to offer me, He promises that I will not be hungry or thirsty if it is Him I seek.

 I have really felt the Lord calling me to Him, encouraging me to drink deeply from His word, to no longer be satisfied with the little drops stolen here and there. So fresh resolve, I grabbed my Study Bible, notebook and pen in hand, I shut out the world for a little while to spend time – quality time – with God.

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But where to start? To just open my Bible and hope that the pages would magically open just at the right place is not really a realistic solution! I’m not saying that God does not speak to us that way on occasion – but every day? I don’t thing so. To truly STUDY the word, to dig deeper requires a different approach. I left most of my Elizabeth George Study books with some dear friends in South Africa, and to be perfectly honest, feel that I have learnt the wonderful lessons she teaches of keeping home, husband and family quite well. and I’ve done the Proverbs 31 woman study many a time. I need to go deeper!

 Don’t you just love the way God leads us on a path, it starts off gently and then becomes a bit more rigorous. I’m reaching the rigorous part now ;o) I have matured in my Christian walk so much since those early ‘mums group’ days.

So – leaving behind my collection of studies means that at the moment I only have some light ‘5 minute’ devotionals. I certainly did not want this to become another excuse not to dive straight in, so I decided to look at the areas of my life that I have been feeling conviction in, list them, and then begin working through each area – searching the scriptures, using my Concordance and Study Bible (which has great commentaries from the likes of Billy Graham etc)  to see what God has to say on these areas.

Before I knew it I had spent a good 45 minutes searching and reading. I have realised that this is a great way to seek God on issues that He wants me to work on. I also realised that in delving into the word and seeking God on these issues means that I could be busy on one ‘area’ for quite a while – which is good right? It gives me a chance to really ‘hear’ God and time to practise applying His wisdom and guidance. I find that having a journal along side my Bible is an important tool for me as I record scriptures etc that speak deeply to me. I also record my thoughts and things I want to action.

I want to share this fun recipe that, so far, has proved flop proof ;o)

A Christian Woman’s Bread of Life


Bible (Study Bible if possible or a Bible Commentary) 

Concordance (To help you find relevant scripture)

Journal and Pen


A responsive heart

A good cup of tea ;o)


1. Using your concordance and Bible and with your responsive heart, seek out scriptures that relate to an area that you feel God is asking you to address.

2. Spend some time in quite meditation and using your journal and pen, note down feelings, thoughts  and what you understand from what you have just read. Reading the commentary notes is always helpful if you are struggling to grasp what is being said or meant.

3. Write down at least 1practical thing that you can do to make the change that you feel God is impressing on you

4. Allow time to prove the dough, checking in at least once a day to see that it is indeed rising and that it has not flopped ;o)

5. If dough is struggling to rise due to surrounding conditions, visit the master baker for a 5 minute time-out and chat. Perhaps it would help to memorise a key verse that you can repeat to keep you encouraged.

I pray that you will seek God on a deeper level and not neglect yourself (as we mums are apt to do). Take purposeful time to be with God – with all the responsibilities that we hold, and all the balls that we juggle, we need to – and our families need us to.

Blessings in Christ dear sisters.

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  1. Rhoda says:

    That's a great recipe – thank you for sharing it! I have great memories of times when I have been trying to seek God's will on something and got my Bible and paper and pen out and just studied. It's amazing how rewarding it is when you start studying, and how a verse you've read 100 times can take on new meaning! Thank you for the encouragement 🙂

  2. momto8 says:

    Love love love the recipie! and how true..

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