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Outdoor Hour Challenge – The Cowslip

One of the Outdoor Hour Challenges this month is the Dandelion. Now we have covered this topic before, so I thought that we would still keep within the wild flower group and choose a different flower.

I chose the Cowslip as the countryside is awash with their yellow loveliness at the moment…

Homeschool Nature Study on the Cowslip

The weather was rather pleasant on the day that we set off on our nature walk, it was fairly warm and we had lots of sunny spells. The countryside is looking lovely, in particular all the Blackthorn in bloom…

Wildflower nature study

Aren’t these little flowers just delightful? I love their bright yellow faces with little bits of orange in the centre.

wildflower homeschool nature study

Cowslips are from the primrose family. You can tell this quite easily by the leaves, and of course the flowers are miniature versions of their larger cousins.

Cowslip homeschool nature study

We found the Cowslip in various stages of bloom so we could see what they looked like before the yellow flowers slip out of their little green purses…

How they first peek out before popping out completely to delight us with their yellow beauty.

As we walked home we noticed that some kind soul had left some dog hair in a thicket for all the birds spring nests…

…and of course we stopped for a bit to appreciate the beauty of the English countryside.

I love the farm yard in the distance and the silvery sheen on the one field.

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  1. Amanda says:

    I am not sure that we have cowslips here, though I have long been a fan of the primrose. Last year when you posted on teasels, I realized that they were positively EVERYWHERE around us, so now, perhaps, I will notice cowslips. I do recall that, when my mother was renovating her house, I helped her pick paint and fell in love with a color called 'cowslip'. Now I know!

  2. Unknown says:

    The leaf looks just like a primrose! What a lovely early spring wildflower entry…always a joy to find colorful scenes as the world wakes up. Thanks so much for sharing your entry!

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