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It’s Simple… They Belong To Jesus…

When people ask why we home school, it is always so difficult to put into words the myriad of reasons, God’s calling us to do so because His Word is clear, how He placed on our hearts how precious His children are to him, how if we are wanting to impact God’s kingdom we really cannot do otherwise. It is especially difficult when the people who are asking are not saved, or perhaps they are but cannot see God’s purposes.

Even for a mama whose convictions run deep and strong, I can find that I have slipped into conforming to the worlds ways, adopting its educational guidelines, listening to what my children ‘should’ know. It happens slowly and so subtly. One day you wake up and find that you are doing more ‘school at home’ than teaching them of Jesus.

Here’s the thing, when I read of the Patriarchs, their focus is fixed and they DO NOT BUDGE in their worship and faithfulness to God. They are single minded in their walk with God. Everything in their lives revolves around God, their faith and their obedience to Him. There’s a lesson in that for me. As they were faithful and uncompromising, so I need to be the same. Granted, they lived in a slower world than the one we know, but I’m sure that their daily challenges were no less challenging for them than ours are today. I think the difference is that so often our challenges are so subtle that if you are not on your guard, they will trip you up in an instant. You will not even realize how on earth you suddenly landed face down in the dirt!

My husband and children are the most precious people in world to me. My precious Savior is the reason for my existence, my whole reason for living. I desire to be a wife and mother After God’s Own Heart. I know my greatest work is happening now – teaching my children about Jesus. I made this little video below to help remind me of all the reasons we have our children at home. It is my heart and I want to share it with you. I pray that God will speak directly into your hearts today.

May you experience God’s abundant blessings.

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    Just lovely thanks for sharing.

    San x

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    A good reminder, Shirley – thank you

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    An excellent reminder, Shirley. Thanks for sharing.

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